Spooky Kid’s Comedy Shorts
15th-17th March 2012
Spooky Kid experimented with the Comedy Shorts format for the first time in 2012 showcasing the talents of six different writers with seven short comedy plays…
Two writers brainstormed some of the worst ideas to write a show about, a romantic candlelit dinner went badly wrong, an ageing Dracula faced some incompetant vampire slayers, a left-wing student band battled to find anything that wouldn’t constitute ‘selling out’, a writer recovering from a breakdown found himself drafted into a dress rehearsal for the end of the world, a one-man musical hit the stage and a maverick deck chair attendant tried some unconventional means of generating business. This would shape the format of what was to become our annual Comedy Shorts competition.


Written by Jonathan Badgery, Jim Blythe, Graham Parry, Mark Ward, Nathan Willcock and Simon Woodgett, Comedy Shorts starred:

Sarah Arnold
Jonathan Badgery
Jim Blythe
Hannah Brodie
Tym Dartnall
Katie Gooderham
Tom Hadden
Dan McKee
Donnie Rust
Paul Skippings
Charlie Uddin
Mark Ward
Elle Watson
Nathan Willcock
Tabi Woodgett

Performance and Rehearsal Photos

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